Alan Barr

Alan Barr

Global Managing Director, greymatters

greymatters is a premier design agency specializing in all things hospitality. With over fifteen years of hospitality design and development experience; our projects span across the globe embracing food & beverage, hotels & resorts and luxury retail, to casinos, super-yachts, private helicopters and country clubs, as well as spas, wellness retreats and premium residential developments.

We create our designs as one-of-a-kind developments compounded from a series of unique aspects including Owners inspiration, Operators brand, budget, geography, landscape, environment, culture and nuance of locale. We develop timeless hospitality brands that enable guests to connect with truly proprietary experiences – a concept born in the imagination of a studio dedicated to bespoke design.

greymatters was founded in 2012 in Singapore, by design star Alan Barr, but has its greater pedigree rooted in the United States where the firms Partners and Directors each honed their careers by mastering the design, management and development of complex projects around the globe.

Each of the Partners and Directors, most long-time associates of Founder and Global Managing Director Alan Barr, are hand picked for their proven tenacity and incisive skills across the multiple disciplines that the firm offers. Supporting our global practice, we operate design studios in Bangkok, San Francisco, and Singapore with our Partners, Directors, and Creative Minds strategically spread across the network, spanning from the West Coast of the United States throughout South East Asia.