Chef Andrew Nocente

Chef Andrew Nocente

Executive Chef, 5th Quarter

Raised on his family’s farm near Brisbane, Austrailia, Andrew Nocente grew up surrounded by the rhythms of the seasons and the wonders of fresh produce from the fields. His parents and materal grandmother inspired Andrew’s passion for cooking and charcuterie. Stepping foot into the restaurant kitchen at 15, he fell in love with the synergy of a bustling kitchen and knew instantly that he wanted to become a chef.

Upon completing his apprenticeship and obtaining his culinary certifications, Andrew combined his devotion for food and love for travel and journeyed to start his career. He moved to Hamilton Island, where he was made Sous Chef at the age of 22. He later moved to Hilton Hotel in Perth and became the Head Chef of banqueting at 24.

In 2008, Andrew decided to take his career up a notch and ventured to London where he was hired by Gordon Ramsey to work in Maze Grill as a Sous Chef, under the guidance of Jason Atherton. His time in London truly expanded his horizons and gave him the opportunity to embrace new cooking styles and unique plating designs.

He moved to Shanghai in 2010 to be part of the pre-opening team for the award winning Table No.1 by Jason Atherton. He assisted in establishing the restaurant into a popular dining destination that focuses on casual interaction, and fine dining with a food-sharing concept.

In 2012, he joined the pre-opening team as Chef de Cuisine at Skirt W Singapore Sentosa Cove. During his tenure at Skirt, he led it to be one of the most highly rated and awarded steakhouses in Singapore. His passion of experimenting with different flavors and techniques to put a new spin on classic steakhouse dishes brought him to a new level of creativity.

In 2015, he helms 5th Quarter a modern contemporary grill with a strong focus on meat curing. True to its name, Fifth Quarter or quinto quartro in Roman, the menu features a selection that is derived from all parts of an animal. Each dish is carefully handcrafted to allow wholesome meaty flavours to shine through. Elements of smoking, curing and pickling are also found throughout the menu in sustainable seafood, game, vegetables and even in desserts.