Chef Bruce Lim

Chef Bruce Lim

Celebrity Chef and owner of the Chef's Table Restaurant

Chef Bruce Lim is Filipino-Chinese and was born and raised in America. A regular face on the Asian Food Channel, he stars in two AFC Original Productions,Tablescapes, where he travels through the Philippines exploring and teaching about traditional Filipino cuisine and The Boss, which showcases his take on modern Filipino dishes. Chef Bruce also took up the role as a celebrity chef judge on AFC’s first-ever originally produced television cooking competition, E&O Search For AFC’s Next Celebrity Chef.

Bubbly and conversant in nature, Chef Bruce has distinguished himself from other Filipino chefs by immersing himself in various communities thus removing the elite image of chefs. With him, he brings along the message that food is universal and should be shared by everyone. He has a host of specialties from traditional French and Italian cuisines to Euro-Asian and international cuisine and is also a master of creative food presentation.

After graduating from Le Cordon Bleu in London, Chef Bruce worked his way into some of the best French kitchens in the world and even studied under the tutelage of world-renowned chef, Gordon Ramsay. Thereafter, he moved back to the Philippines and worked at popular establishments such as Century Park Sheraton and Jollibee Food Corporation. He then opened his own restaurant named Chef’s Table, an open concept restaurant that allows diners to get upclose and personal with the chefs as they prepare authentic Filipino dishes.

Presentation Synopsis – Engaging with your Culinary Location

Chef Bruce recognises that as Asia opens up to more international travel, guests are looking for a dining experience that reflects their location and gives them a feeling of connection; an emotional response. To deliver, restaurants must engage their local community, flavours and customs in the kitchen. Chef Bruce gives his thoughts on how to connect with tomorrow’s diner, how he brings a Filipino influence to his classically trained cooking and how the chef of the future is part chef, part entertainer and part entrepreneur.