Gert Kopera

Gert Kopera

Senior Vice President Food & Beverage, Jumeirah Group

Gert F. Kopera is Senior Vice President Food & Beverage (F&B) for Jumeirah Group. An Austrian national, Gert has over 30 years of hospitality and F&B experience, working in operations and corporate roles for some of the most renowned luxury hotels in Europe, Asia, the Middle East and United States.

Gert and his team manage all aspects of Food & Beverage, from concept development and facilitating excellence in operations to driving innovation. The mission is to ensure that Jumeirah creates and operates highly innovative and market driven restaurants and bars across its portfolio of 22 hotels and well over 100 F&B outlets.

Presentation Synopsis – Innovation in Restaurants & Bars

Combining Conceptual Design, Interior Design and Operational Design to follow one vision and create exciting, highly visible and profitable spaces is aim of every owner and operator. Let’s look at the path to success as we prepare a good meal with these 3 equally important ingredients. Conceptual design takes market research, trend analysis and a high doses of Blue Ocean thinking, adds passion, attention to detail and the ability to visualize and ‘cooks’ the base sauce of the dish. Interior design starts off with the conceptual idea and turns it into visible / tangible results. Floor plans, layouts, and basic elevations are the ingredients for the preparation of the main course. Operational design takes on these base ingredients and starts cooking – OD simply defines how to make it work. OD defines the flow of guests and service, the magic potion connecting the parts, from goods arrival to delivering the promise. It refines the vision, the conceptual design and serves the dish. Based on actual examples of a green field development, the partial conversion of a venue and the complete redesign of a space. Thoughts on why close co-operation between operators and Interior Designers as well as Food Service Consultants, tabletop professionals and MEP consultants is so important all thought the cooking process.